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We sew men's and women's clothing, sports clothing as well as other textile products:

  • Men's and women's clothing
  • Sports clothing
  • Occupational clothing
  • Textile accessories
  • Light clothing (trousers, jackets, blouses, ...)

You can see our textile in Photogallery

We manufacture light clothing according to our designs or to a customer’s specifications.

We make occupational clothing in accordance with a customer’s specifications, e.g.:

  • blouses and suits for hostesses,
  • clothing for huntsmen,
  • clothing for restaurants and hotels.

We also manufacture a range of textile accessories such as:

  • bedclothes and table sets
  • drapes, curtains, housing textile,
  • bags, textile articles for advertising purposes.


Where to look for us?


STYL PLZEŇ, výrobní družstvo
Textile division
Radobyčická 24
305 49 Plzeň

Business Department
Vlasta Zajíčková
+420 377 361 118

Division Manager
Marcela Lorencová
+420 377 361 112

+420 377 361 105
Email: siti@styl-plzen.cz



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