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Bookbinding production

  • We bind the collections of laws, magazines, newspapers and theses.
  • We carry out manual book-binding, repair and renovation of books.
  • We offer the gold pressing and embossing using blocks.
  • We offer the cutting using cutting machines as well as drilling sheets of paper, labels and tags. We also duplicate various forms, internal guidelines, price lists, technical documentation, annual reports and pamphlets with the option of binding (pamphlet, thermal binding, coil binding, sewing using staplers, common binding).

Manufacture of office supplies and sealed PVC packaging


We manufacture file folders in many designs and sizes, binders, folders, business card organizers, document folders, menu covers, various cases (e.g. for tools, fishing rods and other products), or other products on request.

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We manufacture cardboard boxes, collapsible boxes, archiving boxes, combination boards, gift boxes and cases (e.g. for goblets and statuettes), protective gratings for bottle boxes, protective picture and furniture corners, various interlays and boards and other shaped cut-outs.

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STYL PLZEŇ, výrobní družstvo
Gaskets and Assembly division
Radobyčická 24
305 49 Plzeň

Division manager - bookbinding
Jaroslava Loužková
+420 377 361 137


+420 377 361 134
Email: kompletace@styl-plzen.cz


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