El. div. produces and offers the cable harnesses and electrical components for general as well as high performance applications:  

  • cutting, stripping and crimping of cables
  • coaxial cable processing, torque screwing
  • lead and lead-free tinning and soldering
  • ink-jet, thermo-printing and tampoprinting
  • crimp height measur., pull test and cross-sect. views
  • position and high-voltage testing of products
  • customer’s doc. acceptance or own design of product
  • job-orders, small-batches and mass production.

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GASKETS - operation ended

We have been manufacturing gaskets since 1959.
At present we offer the following types of gasket:

  • Gasket sets for engines
  • Felt rings and mats
  • Asbestosless gaskets
  • Gasket from oil-resistant paper
  • Cork gaskets
  • Flat rubber cut-outse
  • Fibre sealing rings
  • Gasket to customer's specification

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TEXTILE - operation ended

We sew men's and women's clothing, sports clothing as well
as other textile products:  

  • Men's and women's clothing
  • Sports clothing
  • Occupational clothing
  • Textile accessories
  • Light clothing

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Our Assembly and Bookbinding Divisions offers the following services:


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A quality management system has been in place since 1995, certified in phases according to EN ISO, in 2004 certified by the company BVQI according to ISO 9001:2000, in 2009 according to ISO 9001:2008 and in 2018 according to ISO 9001:2015.

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Bookbinding shop
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Mo-Fr 6:30-11:00 11:30-14:30

STYL PLZEŇ, s.r.o.

  Adress: Radobyčická 24, CZ-305 49 Plzeň
Phone: +420 377 361 100
Fax: +420 377 361 105
E-mail: info@styl-plzen.cz

TEXTILE DIVISION - operation ended

Phone: +420 377 361 118
E-mail: siti@styl-plzen.cz


Phone: +420 377 361 137
E-mail: kompletace@styl-plzen.cz



Adress: Dopravní 6, CZ-318 04 Plzeň
Phone: +420 377 832 228
E-mail: elektro@styl-plzen.cz

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STYL PLZEŇ, s.r.o.


STYL PLZEŇ was founded in December 1957.
In 1993 it was transformed into a co-operative of co-owners. It is a company with a longstanding production and sales tradition in the area of book-binding and office products, cartonage, flat gaskets and cable and wiring goods.



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